Urakawa Friend Forest Kindergarten, Japan Urakawa Friend Forest Kindergarten, Japan

Urakawa Friend Forest Kindergarten, Japan Urakawa Friend Forest Kindergarten, Japan

Thinking About Food Education

Working On The field

The tactile and sensory experiences of gardening, such as touching vegetables, soil, and insects provides many benefits. At our kindergarten, we always value a variety of interesting hands on experiences, which children can be involved in, such as planting, weeding, and harvesting. We hope the children will take great pride in their self-grown fruits and vegetables. Many children overcome their dislike of vegetables through this type of personal field experience because they have been involved in the process of growing the vegetables. Seasonal vegetables are not only tastier but also give our bodies the highest amount of nutrition.

Gardening provides the perfect combination of skills and tasks for our children. Other than physical development, children's ability to think and reason will be enhanced. By questioning, how long does seeds take to grow into edible vegetables?, children are gathering information to further their knowledge to understand their surroundings. Isn't it nice to keep our children questioning?

Cooking Experience

When we involve children to help prepare a meal, we are also preparing them for success in life. Cooking and eating enhance all of our five senses. We allow our children to touch and use different equipment and ingredients as well as practice simple methods of food preparation and cooking. Cooking at the kindergarten is only the beginning, we hope the children will use the skills they learn in their own kitchens at home. This will allow them to be more independent and responsible individuals. Cooking with friends and family brings everyone together, creates a bonding experience, and lays the foundation for healthy eating habits.

In addition, at our senior children's sleepover party everyone contributes to making a pot of curry for dinner. Children enjoy washing, peeling, cutting, and cooking the meats and vegetables. When the children are able to successfully complete their curry, they feel a sense of pride and confidence. This special home-made curry experience is very memorable for all the children.

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