Urakawa Friend Forest Kindergarten, Japan Urakawa Friend Forest Kindergarten, Japan

Urakawa Friend Forest Kindergarten, Japan Urakawa Friend Forest Kindergarten, Japan

About The Town of Urakawa, Hokkaido

Urakawa Town overlooks the Pacific Ocean With Racehorse Ranches

The main kindergarten is located in Urakawa Town within the Hidaka area. The land is blessed with abundant nature. The main industries are the production and breeding of racehorses and fishery. In addition, many people transfer to Urakawa from metropolitan areas for work because there are many branches of public institutions, such as Hidaka Promotion Bureau. It is also a popular town to relocate, therefore, there are many cultural activities to experience.



  • Supermarket x3
  • Convenient Store x 10
  • 100 yen shop x 1
  • Electric store x 5
  • Drugstore x 2
  • Home Center x 1


From Sapporo Station

By car: 2 hours 50 minutes

By bus: 3 hours 20 minutes


From Tomakomai City

By car: 2 hours


From New Chitose Airport

By car: 2 hours 15 minutes


From Obihiro City

By car: 2 hours

Foodies And People Who Love Culture

Urakawa has flourished as a town where government offices in the Hidaka area gather. The community actively has a vision for the future which incorporates new ideas and culture into their existing values.The Urakawa Municipal Library has a collection of about 170,000 books. The Urakawa Town General Cultural Hall has a large concert hall equipped with quality audio. The town takes great pride in the 100 year old mini movie theater, "Daikokuza", which still operates to this day. There are no national fast food chains in the town, many people support their neighbors and their unique restaurants which use local ingredients. Needless to say, many people become fans and travel to Urakawa just to get a taste of good food!

Over 100 Households Relocated To The Livable Town Of Urakawa

In 2006, Urakawa Town started an experience-based migration program, "chotto kurashi", which accepts about 50 households yearly. To date, more than 100 households relocated through this initiative. Some people choose to live in the functional town of Urakawa because of the mild climate, the beautiful nature, and the convenience of daily activities, such as shopping and dining. In addition, Urakawa has medical and child support for their residents.

Residents Actively Take On Unique Challenges

Urakawa Town has recruited more than 10 community revitalization personnel. Each person makes unique efforts in their specialized fields, such as tourism, design, and sports. Urakawa Tourism Association leads certain community developments and the next generation of local business owners are also taking on new initiatives.

Town Wide Workation And Telework Support

Urakawa Town supports a variety of workation and telework. For more information, please visit the town's official website.

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